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(1). Two ports control maximum 4096 pixels. (2). Work with DMX512 console. (3). Support 3 channels mode and 8 channels mode. (4). Support dozens of chips. (5). SD card supports FAT32 and FAT16 format.
(1). H803SC is a music controller that can play diverse effects in accordance with music. (2). Two ports drive maximum 4096 pixels. (3). Eight kinds of playing modes. (4). Support microphone and earphone socket audio input. (5). SD card supports FAT32
(1). H803TV is an online master controller that transmits data over DVI/HDMI interface. (2). Four network interfaces drive maximum 400000 pixels. (3). It supports dual-monitor mode, multi-monitor extension mode and duplication mode. (4). Support the fo
(1). Eight port control maximum 8192 pixels, each port controls maximum 1024 pixels. (2). SD card supports FAT32, FAT16 format. (3). H803SA can be connected to DMX console, you can switch file, adjust speed and brightness by DMX console.